About Love. What is it?
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Real Love:
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind , and with all your strength. (Mark 12 vs 30).

Whoever loves is a child of God and knows God. (John 4 Vs 7).

Why is love a commandment? Don't we instinctively know what love is? Wouldn't we know when and how to love God and others without needing a special command?


My Finger Rosary-Mr. Chukwuka Onwuakpaoke

My finger rosary is small and fits my fingers.
It rolls well and fine on any finger.
Either on the right hand or left hand;
It's always okay any hand.

Useful when saying Mary's praises
Useful too when saying Jesus' mercy prayers.
Useful always when saying the Trinity's Glory Bes,
Useful most when devoting idle moments to prayer.

My ever-glittering finger rosary is earthly,
Yet leads my mind and thoughts to heaven.
Made of iron, dug from the earth;
To contemplate things never made and resting in heaven.

My finger rosary, an immortal store,
Keeps all my prayers and hopes for death and eternity.
When I die, my small finger rosary
Will be to raise me upward to heaven.

O my little finger rosary,
Versatile as I can never believe.
My ceaseless prayer reminder.

People of the Past- Chukwuka Onwuakpaoke

People of the past, models of their time
People of the past, error-makers of their time
-Errors made not to be repeated in our time.
People of the past, shapers of the future.

People of the past,discoverers of their time
People of the past, record setters of their time
Records set to be erased in our time.
People of the past, warriors and peacemakers of their time.

People of the past, founders of countries, and continents.
People of the past, inventors and sea explorers of their time.
People of the present, reinventors and space explorers of their time.
People of the presnt, fair players of their time.


Do you wish to know on which day of the week you were born? E.g whether Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, e.t.c.
We have a day-of-the-week generating program that has been tested and found to be error-free. The program can do this by just working on a date.
Hence you can be more comfortable with, "I was born on Monday, 10th July 1980", rather than, " I was born on 10th July, 1980."

All You Have To Do:
1. Send a postal order of US100(one hundred United States Dollars) or cash.

2. Your date of birth. (e.g 1st August, 1970.)

3. Your e-mail address. (You wiil receive our reply through your e-mail).

Send it to:
The Consultant,
Doves Computers,
c/o P.O.Box 2225,

If you are posting it by ordinary mail, notify us on e-mail when you have posted it. Again, if you are sending cash, conceal it in at least two sheets of paper so that it will not be visible from the outside of the envelope, we prefer you send a postal order.
To ensure that you won't lose anything in case
we don't get your request (envelope), make sure that your address is on the top left corner of the envelope

Contact Us via our e-mail,dovescomputers@yahoo.com.

God be with you.